15 Yummy And Healthy Indian Snacks That Will Not Make You Fat

It is so easy to pick junk-laden fried foods and sugar when your hunger pangs and cravings take over. Your hands automatically reach out for snacks like chips, chivdas, fried chana, fried peanuts, samosa, vada pav, cakes, pastries, biscuits, chocolates, and what not. It is as if you are being guided by an unseen supernatural power, right?

But, these foods are high in fat and sugar. And, these nutrient robbers are just empty calories. Initially, due to high sugar and glycaemic index they give you a pleasure rush, but that is a temporary fix. Want to know something worse? These fried, sweet and processed foods make you crave for them even more, and you end up adding inches to your waistline. You also end up worsening your health parameters and work performance.

So what is the way out of this vicious cycle? Move to a diet that satiates the cravings and provides nutrients too. Here is a list of healthy snacks that will not only satisfy your untimely hunger pangs, but will also keep you full for a longer time. Also, they will not be adding those unnecessary calories to your body. So, without making you wait any further, here is the list.

1. A fruit plate

2. Two bananas

3. One fruit with plain skim milk yoghurt

4. Fruit smoothies like apple and pineapple, banana and chikoo, or peach and banana

5. Coconut water and a fruit

6. Handful of roasted gram

7. Twenty almonds, which can be salted if you do not have a blood pressure problem

8. 30 peanuts with onion, tomato, chaat masala, lemon and coriander in it

9. Puffed rice bhel with lots of veggies in it (avoid potato)

10. Egg white omelette with onion, tomato capsicum and coriander in it

11. Dal moth or sautéed moong with onion, tomato, garlic and coriander in it

12. Poha with onion, carrots, capsicum, peas and a few peanuts

13. Mix vegetable or oats uttapam with vegetables like onion, tomato, capsicum and coriander in it

14. Usal (a Maharashtrian dish made of beans) with lots of vegetables in it

15. Thalipeeth (a Maharashtrian dish made with multigrain) and tomato chutney