5 Easy Chair Yoga Poses You Can Do Anywhere

Yoga is an age old Indian discipline which is not only used to reduce stress and gain mental peace but also to get fit. It helps improve blood circulation, reduces blood pressure and lowers bad cholesterol. But not everyone may be able to perform the asanas or bodily postures. People with disabilities or the elderly may find it hard to perform these actions, and such people can probably try ‘chair yoga’. This form of yoga was introduced by Erika Hammerstorm in the 1980s. People with weight issues, disabilities or those who just cannot get on the floor may be able to benefit from chair yoga that can be easily performed at home or even at your office as a quick workout session.

1. Chair Cat-Cow Stretch

Sit on a chair with your spine long and both feet on the floor. Place your hands on your knees or the top of your thighs. When you inhale, arch your spine and roll your shoulders down and back, bringing your shoulder blades onto your back. This is the cow position. When you exhale, round your spine and drop your chin to your chest, letting the shoulder and head come forward. This is the cat position. Continue moving between the cow position on inhaling and the cat position on the exhaling for five breaths.

2. Chair Raised Hands Pose – Urdhva Hastasana

When you inhale, raise your arms toward the ceiling. Allow your shoulder blades to slide down your back as you reach upwards with your fingertips. Anchor your sit bones in your chair seat and reach up from there.

3. Chair Warrior I – Virabhadrasana I

Keep the right leg in position over the side of the chair while you swing the left leg behind you. Put the sole of the left foot on the floor, roughly parallel to the seat of the chair and straighten the left leg. Keep your torso facing over the right leg as you raise your arms up to the ceiling when you inhale coming to warrior I. Hold it for three breaths.

4. Chair Warrior II – Virabhadrasana II

When you exhale, open up your arms with the right arm coming forward and the left arm going back. Pull the left hip back and turn the torso to the left, so that it is aligned with the front of the chair. Gaze out over the right fingertips and hold the pose for three breaths.

5. Reverse Warrior Yoga Pose

Let the left arm come down the left leg and lift the right arm up to the ceiling when you inhale for reverse warrior. Hold for three breaths. Bring both legs to the front of the chair before coming to sit sideways on the chair facing left and going through the series of three warrior poses on the left side.

One must always be careful while performing poses like the reverse warrior or the chair eagle, as these poses tend to be a little more complicated than the others.


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