Are you a good human offline ?

We are living in a virtually picture perfect era. We know we are more expressive, more present and more interactive with our “social media accounts” than in real day to day life. Of course this gives us a sense of awareness and satisfaction that we know about people we care and even about the lives of people we hardly met in person (Irony ?)

We might not know who lives next to our home, but I am certain we track count of “social media friends” we have in our social media accounts.

We are living a rushed life, while keeping in touch with everyone sounds, too off plate. Here, Social media comes out as a saviour. Yes, a fact that can’t be denied and a platform which can’t be thanked enough. But do we know where it requires a bit moderation ? To draw a line to the virtual world and be really physically and mentally present in the place we are sitting, with people we are talking to ?

After Deepika padukon’s sensational interview about her revelations over depression that she suffered once, We know it was an internet talk for a long period of time. We noticed people sharing “You are not alone” , “We live in compassionate world” “We are with each other to fight against depression” and many more posts like that.

Its fabulous that we see quotes of affection and helpful thoughts in social media. But understand for people in need of talk or affection who are suffering from depression or anxiety, its difficult to talk to friends or family let alone a random person on facebook ?

Now consider a situation, when a person sitting next to you shares hisher life problem or insecurity, anxiety with you. And time and again you check your mobile for notifications that you have to see from work, mails or even from your obviously important social media accounts ! How much comfort are you actually giving to that human, who is in person sharing something with you ? I am sorry but, you are shutting off !

Do we really heal anyone’s emotional state when in person shared with us? Do we really pay attention? Are we then not hypocrites saying, “yeah I am so listening to you” but with our mind engrossed in mobile or internet. Doing so, we are just repelling that person even more to share their concern to you or even to anyone else in near future. We are really a good human online only, for sharing those compassionate posts or writing a generous comment on someone’s profile. We need to get above it ?

Imagine the feeling that you are not being heard. You feel you are not important, and nothing that you say or feels matters to anyone. You start to believe even your existence holds no account. Thats when you start isolating yourself. You keep yourself in closed shell, chances of you getting anxiety or panic attacks then creeps in.

Bottom line to point out here is when we do not give enough credits to the people wanting to share some stuff with us or we are making them feel judged, we are simply disrespecting them. But we so know, we are far more capable of offering more and be generous outside online world too.

According to world health organisation, depression is one of the most disabling disorders in world. Where Statistics says 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men suffers from depression at least once in their walk of life.

Almost everyone is hurting and suffering. Now even if we are suffering or not, we can still step out and listen and be compassionate enough to offer bit comfort to the other person who is suffering.

So what we as human can do is, step out of that bubble of online world and be present with those around you. Be it in a bus, over a tea table in your office, in friends gatherings or just anywhere with human around you. Just be present their solely. Our energies are contagious and it so should uplift the other human in need. And you will be glad to find that,

“You are a good human offline.”