Beat the heat with cool planting ideas at your place!

There are various plants that do not require much water and release freshness to keep your place cool. Planting more trees around you will help in blocking the direct penetration of ultraviolet harmful rays of the sun. It will also increase the inflow of oxygen in the environment and will reduce the need for air conditioners. So, adopt a plant and beat the heat this summer with these cool and easy ideas:

1. Plant more pots at schools and offices

Keep your most engaging or working place much green as you spend a lot more hours of your day there. Plant small green pots at the corridors, near window sill, main entrances. One can even place a pot on their desk for a more fresh energy scene.

2. Use terracotta pots over plastic ones

People these days carry plastic pots over the traditional terracotta ones, as they find them easy to carry and port. But the plastic do not allow plants to grow that greatly as in mud terracotta ones. Closeness with nature and soil allow plants to grow more vibrantly. Terracotta also helps in healing the environment as plastic is more widely used in every possible forms.

3. Place plants at your dining centre tables

At homes, we can decorate our interior with small little pots of different shapes and sizes to allure the freshness stay back at your place. One can also go for family – oriented or theme based pots for the decor inside the house. It will brighten up the place keeping it cool at the same time.

4. Plants can also be placed in Bathroom

You can also place such cooling plants in your bathrooms. This is the most ignorant place to lure with decor. One can go placing the small, easy – breezy plants in bathing room too to keep your body soothing and close to nature. Bathroom also needs a touch of green to make it breathable for all.

5. Go for kitchen gardening to make your working station green and organic

O ne can go grow easy fruits and vegetables in their kitchen and enjoy the green, fresh organic veggies at their place. This will keep you close to nature and will keep the aeration in kitchen cool and will kill the virus and bacteria caused due to ultraviolet radiation.