Bold and Beautiful Banarasi

Witness the oldest tradition prevalent in india as YuvaWave presents blazing kataan silk sarees in finest kataan silk and gleaming real zari brocade

Older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, the ancient city of Banaras is synonymous with some of world’s oldest temples and finest silk sarees. The place that is believed to have flourished as a textile centre when it was a capital of Kasi kingdom, In 5th and 6th century BC Banaras became a crucial centre for silk and cotton fabrics with these woven fabrics becoming most sought after all over the world. Zari and Brocade work that is the specialty of Banarasi sarees kick started around 17 th century when Silk weavers from Gujarat migrated to Kasi after a famine in 1603. Development of brocade and zari work in the city saw new heights during Mughal period, especially in the reign of emperors such as Akbar. Having witnessed centuries of handmade textile tradition, Banarasi silk sarees have seen many changes in preferences of colours, patterns, motifs, borders and styles over the years. From floral patterns, animal and bird depictions to ‘Butidar’ designs to Islamic patterns like florals and ‘Jali’ or ‘Jaal’ and the more recent Geometrical patterns Banarasi saris have kept abreast with changing tastes and embolden women with their ever elegant finesse.