Brocade of real Banarasi silk

Recreating the charm of golden era, YuvaWave presents a limited edition of real zari banarasi brocade silk sarees where each piece is creme de la creme

The city of Banaras that has been at the banks of River Ganga for eons of years and is witness to centuries of handmade textile tradition has ensured its charm never faded in so many years! Like old wine in new bottle, the real Zari and Brocade sarees that are a specialty of the city have reinvented themselves with every era without losing out on their original charm. A leaf from the golden book of its flowering history is the real zari Banarasi Brocade sarees. A specialty of Banarasi silk sarees, brocade is a characteristic weave in which patterns are created by thrusting the Zari threads made out of real gold in earlier times but now days made in actual silver, between warp at calculated intervals so as to evolve the design called butis line by line. A type of loom called Drawloom or ‘Jalla’ was used to weave brocade sarees which with the advancement of technology are now woven on Jacquard looms that allow pre-planning of the entire design and executed mechanically by hand with great precision From a city that’s as old as time with an equally old weaving tradition, Banarasi real zari silk brocade sarees are so deeply embedded in the cultural roots of the Indian tradition that every Indian woman’s conscience seeks for it on the most important occasions of her life.