Clothesline Picture Holder


I do not have my picture of this from my dorm, but I have found some online and can explain the look that I had for mine. Basically I cut a long string of some hemp, draped it on the wall (taping it up) starting from the upper left corner down to the right, then back down to the left in sort of a “Z” formation. I used clothespins and clothes pinned pictures to the hemp. Again, I do not have a picture of mine but here are some examples.

This person used a big space, I used only half this space but I did the same idea. Clothespins, pictures, and string.

This is how the design of mine was…disregard this picture, but it shows the set up of how I had mine. I just draped it across like this, and would put pictures every so often. The pictures weren’t right next to each other; basically every heart was a picture of mine.

This was seriously the cutest picture holder that anyone can make in about 1 minute. You can make it big or small, depending on what wall space you want to use. I also cut out little flowers from pink paper and put them in and around this display. Another cute idea, use colored clothespins or floral ones; it adds a cute extra touch!