Delight of a light Dupion

Carrying a rustic feel that contrast the too perfect looking synthetic silk imitation, dupion silk sarees by YuvaWave are a natural choice this wedding season

Referred to as Douppioni or Dupioni, Dupion silk sarees are medium weight silk sarees that are weaved in the eastern parts of the country and are widely popular throughout the country. Dupion which means ‘ a cocoon formed jointly by two silkworms’ is a plain weaved crisp type of silk fabric that is produced by using fine thread in the warp and uneven thread reeled from two or more entangled cocoons in the weft creating tightly-woven yardage giving the dupion saree a textured look with unparallel lustre. Often woven with different colored threads that are scattered through the warp and weft, handloom dupion sarees exhibit an iridescent effect which combined with its stubby texture gives the saree a very rustic and natural look. These pure dupion sarees exhibit plain and striped patterns or floral and other intrinsic patterns which clubbed with their

History of Dupion Silk Sarees

Dupion silk sarees are textured silk sarees from east India that are world renowned for their relatively light weight and their silken luster. Silk Sarees with a great fall that are also easy to carry, dupion sarees are your best bet to look elegant for formal occasions such as weddings and get togethers. Silk worm create silk by secreting a kind of liquid in two rows which solidify after sometime and the worm wraps itself around it forming a cocoon. However, Dupion silk is produced when two silkworms in the same pod wrap their yarns around each other, yielding a double strand giving a thick and thin appearance. In Dupion silk sarees, a fine silk thread is used in the warp while an uneven thread reeled from two cocoons is used in the weft creating tightly woven yardage with a highly lustrous surface. The unique qualities of Dupion silk like medium weight and strength make them an ideal fabric for embroidery, patchwork, quilting, mounting lace, gold work, etc and it’s undeniably prominent luster adds to its beauty making it the most preferred saree especially by a bride on the most important day of her life.