Gloss of Ghicha

Narrating modest tribal lives and kinding them with vibrant and spirited colors, YuvaWave presents all new ghicha silk sarees in eminent.

The creativity of handloom weavers of east India is unshackled in the form of Ghicha silk sarees made from the revolutionary Ghicha silk that is actually the by product of tussar silk. Produced in eastern states of India like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Bihar, the yarns of Ghicha silk are obtained from the cocoons of tussar silk that cannot have the silk yarns reeled naturally and hence these cocoons are ruptured and the silk is reeled manually. This is the reason why Ghicha silk yarns are short and the sarees made from them have uneven and slubby texture, giving them a raw sense of appeal. Characterized by the same moisture and air permeability properties as cotton but with lustrous sheen of silk, these sarees are comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. Showcasing rich flora and fauna and narrating modest tribal lives onto their weave and kindling them with vibrant and spirited colors, trust ghicha sarees to bring in rustic charm to a woman’s wardrobe when added to their collection.

History of Ghicha Silk Sarees

Ghicha silk sarees that are made from wild Ghicha silk by rapturing cocoons and reeling the silk manually are renowned for their thick yet airy texture that is rather uneven and slubby. While they are not as fine as the other silk sarees like tussar, nevertheless, they are good quality silk and are appreciated world over for their fine weave and their exceptional tribal art patterns. Since the yarns of Ghicha silk are short, they are also preferred in the weft, blending them with other fine silk yarns in the warp and the output is stunning silk handloom sarees. These sarees showcase the exceptional artistry and craftsmanship of tribals of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand who love to weave in designs inspired by nature and fill bright colors in them. They love portraying narrative themes like the tribal folklores, varied dance forms and celebrations and scenes from their day today life like women carrying pitcher, cattle grazing, farming etc. All these make Ghicha silk sarees a delightful wear and a charming gift item for the loved ones.