Gorge on georgette silk

Add glamour quotient to your wardrobe with gorgeous looking georgette silk sarees that are brought to you in fast moving patterns and chic colors.

A springy fabric with crimpy looks, georgette silk sarees are a modern variant of sarees from the traditional culture rich Mysore. Made from natural silk, these georgette sarees are characterised by very soft and smooth texture that is rather light and airy. These handloom georgette silk sarees are made from yarns that are highly twisted giving these sarees a grainy textured look that is unique and notable. Georgette silk sarees possess some great qualities like low absorption of moisture and high resistance to stain making them easy to maintain. Gorgette silk sarees are highly absorbent and get dyed easily in a variety of colors. This quality along with the fact that they can be embellished with various embroidery and printing methods makes them highly desirable as they present themselves in a wide palette of colors and designs.

History of Gorge on georgette silk

Georgette silk sarees are amongst the most popular sarees today. As they provide great scope for experimenting, to the makers as well as wearers, these georgette sarees are a refreshing change in the world of handlooms. While the makers take immense pleasure in playing with various color combinations and decorate them with pearls, sequins, kundans and beads or imprint them in various celebrated prints like the Bagh or Bagru or better still, embroider them with threads in Chikakari or Kantha style or a combination of all these, they provide great scope to the wearer to decide the tone of the saree by pairing them up with different kinds of blouses depending on the occasion. However, these lack lustre Georgette sarees due to qualities like light, airy, low maintenance and stain resistant, are mainly preferred as corporate office wear sarees.