Jauntiness of Jute Jute Silk

Infused with spirit and pep, add a spring to your step with jaunty jute silk sarees brought to you by YuvaWave.

A long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that is spun into coarse, strong threads, jute which is also called the golden fiber for its shiny color and its high cash value, is produced from plants. Native to India, Jute has been an integral part of Indian culture for centuries. One of the strongest natural fibers, when mixed with silk, it creates magic in the form of jute silk whose luster determines its quality; the more it shines, the better the quality. Weaved differently depending on the different weaving techniques used in various parts of the country, it is regularly used in the production of clothes especially jute silk sarees. The soft fabric structure of jute silk sarees is known to render great comfort to the person wearing it. That along with its silken luster, affordability and environment friendliness has increased the popularity of jute silk sarees significantly over the last decade