Khadi Silk Sarees

YuvaWave explores the beauty of age old tradition of kantha as the authentic and intricate embroidery reflects the rich handloom history of bengal.

Khadi, the pride of India is an Indian fabric that gained popularity during the freedom fighting days when Mahatma Gandhi promoted it with the intention to discourage Indians from wearing foreign clothes. This humble fabric however is today a big rage in the Indian fashion circuits due to some of its exemplary qualities. Coarsely textured, Khadi silk is strong and durable and has a long shelf life. While all fabrics fade away with every wash, Khadi silk has this unique feature where its looks are enhanced with every wash. Not only that, Khadi silk stands out with its unique feature of staying cool in summers and warm in winters thus making it more versatile and multipurpose. Khadi silk sarees come in a variety of colors and designs. They flaunt stylish embroidery and eye catchy motifs. Crisp looking and smart, these Khadi sarees are a perfect fit for almost all occasions, be it weddings, parties, get togethers or office wear.

History of Khadi Silk Sarees

Khadi silk is made up of cotton and silk which when spun on as pinning wheel or chakra creates yarn that is next wound into reels. These reels of yarn are used to produce the Khadi silk fabric. There are pockets of air that are created during the process of weaving which helps the fabric to breathe, making it an ideal wear in summer. Khadi silk sarees have a natural sheen to them, this clubbed with the silken shine of the silk threads in them make them shine even more. Khadi silk sarees are uniquely featured with the ability to stay cool and comfortable in summers and warm in winters. Their classy look makes them a wearable attire for daily casual wear, corporate wear and stylish wedding sarees. This versatile feature of khadi silk sarees online make them the most desired sarees in the current times.