Kora sarees kindling joy

Kindling sheer joy with their light texture and killing looks, YuvaWave for the first time introduces you to the word of kora sarees.

One of the four variants of Banarasi silk from Banaras, Utter Pradesh, Kora silk sarees are silk Organza sarees with opulent zari work. There is a strong base of cottage industries set at Varanasi, Gorakhpur and Azamgarh with over a million weavers to produce all variants of Banarasi silk saris. Characterized as sheer, crisp and extremely light weight, Kora sarees are strong and durable with a firm hand and a flat smooth texture. The fabric of these Kora silk sarees from Banaras has a natural stiffness to it without any application of starch or other stiffeners. As Banarasi sarees showcase a lot of Mughal influence who patronized brocade work in Banaras, the Kora sarees too exhibit Mughal inspired motifs like the intertwining floral and foliate motifs, called kalga and bel, common in Mughal craftwork. The one unique quality of Kora silks is that they soak as well as reflect very bright and eye catchy colors with ease. Easy to dye as well as direct painting without guttas, with minimum wicking, these Oranza silk sarees are a great medium to exhibit various celebrated printing techniques like block, batik, bagru and bandhni tie & dye. As embroidery work also stands out on these sarees, they make an ideal wear to parties, festival s, formal gatherings and other special occasions.

History of Kora Silk Sarees

Thin and light weight sarees made from kora silk also called organza silk are very fine textured sarees with a dull sheen finish. Crisp and sheer looking, these kora sarees give a wiry feel since they are made from highly twisted yarns. Dressy and smart looking, Kora silk sarees have innate stiffness that give them a starched look without applying starch and other stiffeners. This is because the gum present on the raw silk holds together the weave, creating a stiff fabric. While it is easy to dye them, hand paint them and embroider them, the maintenance of these sarees after use too is easy and simple. In short, some of the features that describe Kora silk sarees are – crisp, sheer, thin, lightweight, moderately wiry, fine textured, easy to maintain, to name a few. While sarees made out of Kora silk are highly renowned, embroidered garments, trimming, neckwear and millinery are other popular garments that get made out of Kora silk fabric.