Lemon Tree Curtain Raiser Collection of Chanderi

Lemon tree the most loved brand for chanderi sarees rolls out its most exclusive collection of them for the first time on YuvaWave.

Nestled in the low lying Vindhya chalrange in Madhya Pradesh, in the small town of Chanderi which is considered the heartland of handloom weaving in India,reside quintets of brothers who are by the way weavers and run a local brand of Chanderi sarees called Lemon Tree. Established in the year 2008 by master weaver Humkum Koli and his four brothers, Lemon Tree Chanderi Sarees are known for their unique designs and unmatched quality. Vying to bring in innovation, Lemon tree sarees collections are unique in every which way, right from the raw materials used to the newer color combinations and multi-hued designs and patterns. In fact, Lemon Tree silk sarees have become the brand ambassador for high end designer Chanderi sarees and their collection is a rage the world over.

History of Chanderi Sarees

People who caught the pulse of the market for branded sarees, Humkum Koli and his brothers are not just popular for promoting handloom Chanderi lemon tree sarees but are also known to be the ones to host Aamir Khan’s trip to Chanderi during the making of the movie 3 Idiots, the reason that triggered the popularity of Chanderi sarees in the recent future after it saw a downfall for many years. Keeping the gossamer finish of the saree intact, the reason that makes Chanderi saree truly desirable is that the patterns in Lemon tree Chanderi sarees are revitalized with newer designs that are more fashion centric while they retain the essential purity of Chanderi. Shatika is promoting Lemon Tree as a brand at Shatika because they are known to manufacture the best Chanderi Sarees.