Linen silk sarees

For the first time on YuvaWave, welcome laudable linen silk sarees with applause as they are launched at bring respite from the scorching heat and soaring prices

A good mix of silk and linen, Linen silk sarees are on one hand pragmatically cool and comfortable and on the other they are an epitome of beauty and luster. While silk is known for its shimmering appearance, linen has a natural high luster, making these linen silk sarees extremely grand looking without compromising on comfort. Made from the fibers of flax plant, while production of linen is very laborious, it’s worth the effort as this fiber is very absorbent and hand-woven linen sarees made out of them are exceptionally cool and soft. Made from the oldest known textile in the world, linen sarees are a symbol of light, purity and wealth. Since the pure linen silk sarees are a blend of crisp and textured linen and soft and smooth silk, they have a fantastic fall and are known to accentuate a woman’s curves as they snug to the body. Best suited for formal occasions as much as for casual parties, Indian linen silk sarees are most preferred during summers due to their aesthetic appeal and comfort factor.