Magic of Bengal Tant

Magic of Jamdani weaves wear the pride of bengal in word-famous tant cotton sarees woven intricately by hands

Tant cotton sarees from Bengal are amongst the most popular cotton sarees worn by the women folk in West Bengal. Weaving of ‘Tant’ which refers to the handloom weaving in Bengal, can be traced back to the 15th century in Shantipur in the Nadia district of West Bengal that continued to flourish during the Mughal rule from the 16th to 18th century. During this time, tant sarees received extensive royal patronage along with muslin and jamdani weaving. While the fine muslins adorned the royal class, tant cotton sarees became popular with the common folk. The weaving tradition continued during the British rule and it witnessed an inflow of modern weaving techniques like the introduction of the jacquard loom that is still used today. Characterized by thick borders and decorative pallus, these Bengal tant cotton sarees come in varied colors and colorful designs, displaying a variety of floral, paisley and other artistic motifs. Distinguished by their lightness and transparency, they make an ideal wear for the hot and humid summer.

History of Bengal Tant

Tant handloom sarees are woven from pure cotton yarns and are acclaimed for their distinguished lightness and transparency. These Bengali tant sarees feature broad borders that are adorned in silk-embroidery. These pure cotton sarees are extremely comfortable on the skin and while they make a great daily wear, they also make great occasion wear due to their stylishly elegant looks that are rooted to tradition. These Bengal sarees boast of classic Bengali motifs that are woven with silken threads and appeal women who love tradition along with style.