Make These 70 Small Changes In Your Life And Improve Its Quality By Ten Folds

In order to improve the quality of your life, you don’t need to make drastic changes or wait for a long time to see the results. All you have to do is make few small changes, adapt new habits and work on them regularly to see positive results coming your way sooner than you would have thought.
If you really wish to add quality and positivity to your life, then you need to put in a constant effort and as they say ‘small changes makes big difference’. Make these 70 small changes in your lifestyle and see the big difference it adds to your life.

Home: A place for everything and everything in its place.

Follow the simple mantra of decluttering, fixing and organizing your personal space and you’ll see the changes from the very first day itself. Here’s what you need to do.
1. Start with decluttering magazines, newspapers, DVDs.
2. When you take anything out, put it back in its proper place.
3. Identify things that you have been tolerating for quite some time now and fix them one by one.
4. Organise your drawers.
5. Put aside things that you have not even touched since past six months. Go through them and if not in use pass them on.

Work: Increase your productivity by keeping it organized.

Successful people follow these habits regularly to increase productivity. It’s all about an organised schedule that would not only increase your productive hours but also let you enjoy work-life balance.
6. Define your top 3 tasks for the day.
7. Try and do the most unappealing task first so you don’t procrastinate.
8. Take a note of any idea that crosses your mind so you can work on them later.
9. Unsubscribe from junk emails and catalogues.
10. Follow the 6010 rule where you work for 60 minutes and then take a break for 10.
11. Have an accountability partner or someone you have to answer at the end of the day so you follow through your goal each day.

Health: A healthy outside starts from the inside.

It all begins and ends with your health. A healthy mind, body, and soul are what you need to work on every day to enjoy a quality life.
12. 20 minutes of exercise to jumpstart your metabolism and keep it elevated for hours.
13. Drink lots of water as none of our systems functions well without proper water intake.
14. A protein-packed breakfast for a healthy start.
15. Five servings of vegetables and three of fruits.
16. Eat from a smaller plate to help control portion size.
17. Identify your guilty pleasure food and indulge in it only once in 15 days.
18. Avoid carbonated drinks and slurp on natural juices without added sugar.
19. Create a list of healthy food recipes and using them plan your meals.
20. Set up an alarm every 60 minutes to remind you to take a break and also drink water.
21. Include meditation in your daily routine. Just five to ten minutes is all it requires.
22. Express gratitude to feel more resilient and reduce stress.
23. Everyone goes through their own challenges and struggles so don’t compare.
24. Appreciate more and criticise less.
25. Surround yourself with people who add positivity to your life.
26. Get a good night’s sleep every night.
27. Take power naps as it increases alertness, performance, and mood.
28. Wake up 5 minutes earlier than your regular time.

Finances: Your salary doesn’t make you rich, but your spending habits do.

Managing your finance is indeed an art and a science combined and your financial independence and security is in your hands.
29. Create a spending plan for at least three months and stick to it.
30. Use cash instead of cards.
31. Don’t buy anything you don’t need.
32. Use the saved money to pay debts if any.
33. If not, then save that money and set up an emergency fund.
34. Cut on smoking and alcohol to save not only money but your health too.
35. Write down your expenses, each one of them and see where you are overspending and where under.
36. Put loose change in a jar and see how a quarter here and a nickel there adds up to a substantial amount.

Time Management: Either you run the day or see it run you.

To manage your time effectively you need to make note of your daily activities and based on them devote your time to activities you engage in on a regular basis.
37. Identify the low-priority and high-priority activities.
38. Spend no more than half an hour on television and half an hour on social media.
39. Plan your day the night before and do the most important thing first.
40. Before calling it a day organize your workplace by keeping it clean and clutter-free so you walk into a neat desk the next day.
41. Whatever activity you are doing ask yourself is it making you happy.
42. Make a list of all social obligations you have in the near future and strike all the commitments that do not bring you joy or add to your growth.

Personal Development: Your life is as good as you believe it to be.

You grow as a person only when you are open to learning. Everything is in your mind and you have the power to change your mindset.
43. Feed your mind with happy thoughts.
44. Set your alarm two minutes before your usual time, get up and open the windows to let the sunlight in.
45. Stop complaining and start appreciating.
46. Learn about a new thing each day; a word; a far-off country; a flower in your garden; a fashion style.
47. Read at least five pages of a book each day.
48. Listen to your favourite music for at least 10 minutes each day.
49. Take up a new hobby.
50. Get a makeover.

Relationships: Remember how far you have come.

Like every part of your life your relationships too need nurturing and that too every day. Small caring habits can change your life adding happiness in your relationships.
51. Stop criticizing and look for positives in people around you.
52. A simple ‘miss you’ or ‘how was your day?’ can go a long way.
53. Hug your partner each day.
54. Call up your friends and family at least once a week.
55. Meet up with your parents and tell them how appreciated and loved they are.
56. Tell your children how proud you are of them.
57. Text your partner in the middle of the day asking if they had lunch.

Social: Connect with people on a personal level rather than blindly following someone.

Social media platforms have made it easier to connect with long-lost friends. Instead of telling people what you do every day why not use these platforms to stay connected.
58. Associate with people you admire.
59. Try and get to know people and not judge them by what they post.
60. When something upsets you, take a deep breath and then answer.
61. Practice active listening. Listen not to answer but to understand.
62. Don’t be sympathetic; practice empathy.
63. Remind yourself everyone is fighting their battles and doing the best they can.
64. Don’t compare. Stay in your own life.

Happiness: I choose to be happy!

Your happiness doesn’t depend on how much money you earn or how well you get along with your partner or how popular you are. Your happiness lies in the choices you make.
65. Be grateful for your life.
66. Each day, do small things that you enjoy doing like taking a walk, eating lunch in the garden, read a book, listen to music, chat with your friend.
67. Have a good laugh at least once a day.
68. Keep a tab on your emotions so you know what hampers your happiness.
69. Whatever you do, make sure it makes you happy.
70. Smile often.
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