Mesmerizing Mysore Chiffons

Be led by theT effusion of charm that lingers around mysore chiffons sarees as bring you a fresh lot of them.

Considered one of the purest forms of silk, Mysore silk sarees hail from culture rich Mysore of Karnataka. Considered at par with world famous Kanchipuram silks, Mysore silk sarees are an innate form of culture and tradition of the people of both north and south India and they top the list of best silk sarees in the world. Started by the Maharaja of Mysore province in the year 1912 with its effective production starting in 1932, the legend has it that when once Maharaja Krishna Raja Waudiyar IV made a trip to Britain to take part in Queen Victoria’s jubilee celebration, impressed by the silk fabric used by British Royalty, he ordered 32 looms from Switzerland with a motive to manufacture silk for requirements of royal and aristocratic family and for ornamental fabric required for armed forces. Meeting high quality standards, the Mysore silk sarees that undergo various complex steps in production are intricately worked with zari and a golden lace at the edge of the saree which gives a classic and sleek look. The most important feature that makes Mysore silk sarees standout from the rest is their plain silken body unlike the flowery elaborate designs of other Indian silk sarees thus catering to the simply elegant and refined tastes of the current generation.

History of Mesmerizing Mysore Chiffons

Setting very high standards for themselves, pure Mysore silk sarees are renowned for their exquisite colors, their soft silken texture and their minimalistic designs. Their origin can be traced back to the times of Tipu Sultan, the warrior king of Mysore who imported silk cocoons to Mysore with the intent to making Mysore, a silk manufacturing hub. However the production of Mysore silk sarees picked up in the year 1932 after the then king Maharaja Krishna Raja Waudiyar IV who visited Britain to partake in Queen Victoria’s jubilee celebration was impressed with the silk fabric of the royalty there and ordered 32 looms from Switzerland to set up production units in Mysore. Thus while a combination of sericulture and silk production units made Mysore an important silk destination of India, the authentic and pure Mysore silk sarees online have made Shatika a favorite destination to buy Mysore silk sarees at most competitive prices.