Moving Beauty of Madhubani

YuvaWave presents a stand out collection of exclusive hand painted madhubani silk sarees from culture rich bihar, to not just enhance your wardrobe but your style too.

A form of art that passed down through the eons, the origin of madhubani art is traced back to the time of Sita Kalyan, the wedding of lord Rama and Sita. Madhubani silk sarees portray a unique arrangement of flora and fauna depicted on exemplary silk fabric giving them a mysterious but none the less beautiful sarees that connects one with their traditional and cultural origin. Madhubani handpainted silk sarees come in fives styles Bharni, Katchni, Tantrik, Godna and Gobar. While Bharni, Katchni and Tantrik portray paintings of Gods, goddesses, flora and fauna, Godna and Gobar depict the daily life of these people and different symbols. Madhubani sarees that literally mean forest of honey are known for their distinctive and out of this world style and it comes as no surprise that these hand painted silk sarees have not just brought out the elegance of the wearer but also contribute to saving our environment by bringing down the deforestation.

History of Madhubani Sarees

Madhubani paintings are one of the finest art forms in India’s rich artistic culture. Having its roots in the Mithila region of Bihar, the art of Madhubani is said to have originated in the times of Ramayana by raja Janak, the father of devi Sita and the then king of Mithila. This artform which is practiced by classical artists in three forms, wall-painting (bhittichitra), canvas painting (patachitra) and floor painting (aripana) is the cultural identity of Bihar. While the styles of paintings have been changing from generation to generation, Madhubani designs are characterized by vibrant use of colors, a mythological theme and underlying symbolism and traditional geometric patterns supporting the theme. Madhubani paintings on silk sarees depict the figures of deities, Gods, elements in nature, humans and animals as well as some geometrical shapes. Recognized worldwide, madhubani handloom sarees have succeeded in creating a place for themselves in the international house of fame and we are happy to present top notch Madhubani sarees along with pure silk sarees collection at Shatika at best price.