Penchant of Pochampally

Have a penchant for lively and spirited colors and gripping designs? presents vibrant pochampally cotton sarees to satiate your refined tastes.

Spread over an attractive corner of the Deccan plateau, Pochampally is a well-known weaving centre in South India. Popularily known as Bhoodan Pochampally after the Bhoodan movement started by Vinobha Bhave in 1951, it is popular for its centuries old weave in ikat style of dyeing. Ikat weaving involves an 18-step sequence of tying and dyeing sections of bundled yarn to a predetermined intricate colour pattern prior to weaving. The tied yarn is dipped in different coloured dyes to produce hued patterns and thereafter is woven into the fabric. The uniqueness in the Pochampally weave rely on the transfer of design onto the warp and weft first, which are then woven together to get the required design. As a result of all this, what comes out is truly a visual delight to look at. Owing to their vivid and geometric designs, Pochampally sarees never seem to go out of fashion. In fact their beauty is reinterpreted to make them more relevant for the modern women.