Spin a Kosa Silk

Spinning a tribal tale in colorful threads and zari motifs onto the textured fabric of kosa YuvaWave presents exclusiverly hand woven kosa silk sarees.

Known the world over for its soft texture and purity, Kosa silk sarees are made from Kosa silk, a variant of Tussar silk that is exclusively produced in India. Distinguished by the heavy, bumpy yet graceful look of the fabric, the gorgeous handloom Kosa silk sarees are not only known for their comfort and feel but are also popular for the beauty of the designs woven into them. While their shiny coarse texture inspires artists and weavers to adorn them in many ways right from hand painting, embroidery or block printing, the age old typical patterns like the Jaala and Feraalong with numerous artistic designs that are inspired by nature as well as the tribal tales of Chhattisgarh that are woven into the sarees in bright color threads and zari threads create an aesthetic effect that is endearing and classy and it sets them apart from other silk sarees.

History of Handwoven Kosa Silk Sarees

Bold and intricate thread and zari motifs and elaborately woven patterned borders and pallus define traditional hand woven Kosasarees. Depicting fascinating nature and tribal life inspired woven motifs all over the silk saree, our collection of hand woven kosa silk sarees online is not just a wearer’s comfort drape but it is also a proud piece of possession of all handloom art lovers. The rich weave of these sarees binds the beauty of the rich gold shade of the original kosa fabric left as it is or dyed using natural bright colors with the contrast designs and patterns that are woven into the saree creating anenticing piece of work. Agood mix of ethnic and modern designs and patterns are used indecoratingthe Kosa silk sarees of today thus creating a vast varietyof themfor the new generation women to choose from.