Tantalizing Tales of Benarasi Tussars

Synchronizing the aristocracy of traditional banarasi sarees with the comfort of cool and airy tussars banarasi tussar sarees brought to you by YuvaWave are all set to shower elegance and comfort this diwali.

If Banarasi sarees are an assemblage of gold and silver brocade, intricate engravings and opulent embroidery then tussar tales are all about craggy texture, dull gold sheen and porous and airy fabric. In an endeavor to keep abreast with the latest trends, the weavers of Banarasi silk sarees keep experimenting with various textures and designs while rooted to their traditional weave which is their forte. One of the breakaways in the field of Benarasi weaves is the revolutionary Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree. These Tussar silk sarees that are cooler, lighter and more comfortable than traditional Banarasi silks have appealed the senses of all Banarasi saree lovers who gave in to the idea of flaunting quintessential Banarasi weave without compromising on comfort.

History of Tussar Sarees

Tussar silk is a form of wild silk and sarees made from Tussar silk has a unique character that reflects in its feel, color and sheen. Textured in appearance and feel, Tussar silk sarees come in a range of natural shades like beige, cream, honey and tawny. They have a natural golden sheen that accentuates its beauty. Tussar silks get dyed easily and hence many times they are dyed to take up more vibrant colors. They also blend easily with other fabrics like cotton, wool, linen and other silks. Tussar silk sarees have a unique thermal property; these sarees keep warm in winter and cool in summer. Tussar sarees typically come in the natural shades of beige and cream and they depict a colored border and pallav that stand out bold and clear. While floral and paisley motifs commonly adorn the body of the saree, contemporary designs and simple geometric patterns are also quite popular. These sarees from a great canvas for thread embroidery work like Chikankari or Kantha work either on the border and the pallu or the entire saree is adorned with embroidered patterns to form enchanting weaves.