The Karisma Of Kosa

Tthe liberated and free style handpainted kosa silk sarees to add spring to your steps this festive season.

One of the most popular sarees in India that are much loved for their beauty, comfort and sturdiness, Kosa silk sarees are produced in Chhattisgarh by the Dewangan tribe which resides in the Gondwana forest belt. The tribal and forest origins of the Kosa silk saree have greatly influenced the nature and tribal inspired designs seen on it that sets it apart from the modern day designs. The main distinguishing factor however is that a Kosa silk fabric is produced using threads from a special type of silk worm called Kosa that is rather rare and its cultivation is laborious. It is specially grown in Arjun, Saja or Sal trees in forests in the center of India. The threads thus produced are quite coarse in their texture but it is this coarseness that sets them apart from the stereotype soft silks. The classic Kosa saree comes in natural shades like pale gold, fawn, cream, honey, orange and so on. Natural dyes are used to create interesting designs andor to dye the entire Kosa saree. These include colors like yellow, sourced from the fire flower and deep red from Lac. Known for the beautiful designs that get woven into them, the typical patterns like the Jaala (net) and Fera are used to create unique artistic designs inspired by nature, tribal tales and mythological stories. They make a great wear for important occasions like weddings and religious ceremonies.