The Shalu Silk

An outburst of acclaimed brocade of Banaras with designs inspired by celebrated paithani and patola, YuvaWave bring the pinnacle of opulence brocaded banarasi shalus as part of its wedding collection.

A Shalu is a regional variant of a saree from Banaras. Rich and opulent, Banarasi Shalu silk sarees are especially designed for weddings and are popularly referred to as bridal wedding sarees. These Banarasi sarees that come in an exhausting variety where each piece is unique and quirky, are fascinating since one can see insights of rich Paithani silks from Maharastra and Patola silks from Gujarat in them. History says that Shalu the famous version of Paithani, originated in Banaras and even today Shalu is referred to as Banarasi silk saree. It is believed that Peshwa of Pune during his travel to Varanasi mainly for expansion of Maratha Rule under Chhatrapati Shahu of Satara brought this version of silk saree to Maharashtra. While bearing resemblance with the acclaimed Paithani, Banarasi Silk Shalu stands out because of its very fine thin silk. Showcasing motifs on border and a designed pallu, Banarasi shalu has all base embellished with jari motifs making them a hallmark of Indian traditional weaving.