Undauntingly Bright Uppadas

Vibrant in colors and spirit the good looking uppada silk sarees brought to you by YuvaWave are unbashful so you flaunt your style with elan.

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Uppada Pattu Sarees Uppada Silk Sarees are very famous and well known for its unique designs. Padmasali community is the major caste here engaged in the weaving of these sarees which have artistic zari work in their beautiful designs. The age old Jamdani weaving method is used to produce sarees. Only non-mechanical techniques are used to produce these sarees Jamdani is a hand loom woven fabric made of cotton, which traditionally was referred to as muslin.

Soft and delicately woven, Uppada soft silk saris are a manifestation of a woman’s emotions. An epitome of beauty, liveliness, resilience, strength and vigour, a woman has been the source of inspiration in putting life into the old weaving technique of Jamdani woven by Padmasalis of Uppada, a beach town of Andhra Pradesh who have, for centuries been engaged in weaving the wonder called Uppada soft silk sarees known for their soft texture, spirited colors, distinct decorative patterns, artistic zari work and exquisite designs. Considered one of the most labour intensive and pain staking forms of handloom weaving, Uppada silk sarees are made of fine muslin that is best known for its softness and strength. Glorious looking and light weight, these almost translucent silk sarees hold great esteem the world over and are seen as one of the foremost contributors to India’s textile chronicles. Due to the comfort factor attached to the rich looking Uppada saree, it is a preferred choice of today’s women during occasions of weddings, festivals and formal gatherings.

History of Uppada Silk Sarees

Uppada village is located 39 KMs from Kakinada, it is a beach town which comes under East Godavari district in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Uppada Pattu Sarees are famous for its beautifully designed cotton sarees. Uppada is a village where modernization and upgrading has not yet found its place. The people are very poor and under educated here with an approximate population of 25000 in the village. Yet the people here enjoy there simple life.

Uppada silk sarees that have caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts in the last one decade or so have a fascinating history that backdates to as old as the 18th century. Following the age old weaving technique of Jamdani practiced in Bengal for centuries became to be known as Uppada during the early 19th century when due to the industrial revolution in England that brought in machine-made Jamdani, the actual Jamdani, woven on the looms, suffered a big setback and slowly started to extinct as a result of which some designers in order to revive the traditional Jamdani trained the weavers on the Jamdani weaving technique in the village of Uppada, Andhra Pradesh and made it popular with the name Uppada sarees. This weaving technique is popularly known as Neelambari in North India. Entirely woven on pitloom where a weaver uses both hands and legs to weave a saree, weaving of Uppada sarees require a lot of patience, time and effort. These sarees with their distinct decorative patterns hold an especially high status in the society.